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Purple Crowd

There are so many roads others tell you to take. But look where they can end up. Suddenly you're trapped in a life you don't really want to be in.
Then comes this Voice calling you off the map that goes nowhere. "Follow Me," Jesus says. "To the more you're made for." Millions have. And found a life bigger than they ever dreamed. A future worth living for.


You're invited to join together with Native young people from across this continent, to explore the road to a future without the regrets, without the shame. The journey begins here, at Warrior Leadership Summit.

Nick Liew + Wes Francis
Building 429
Ron Hutchcraft
Seth & Sarah Stevens + Brad Hutchcraft
We Are Messengers
Bobby Dean
Wes Francis
Nick Liew

Jicarilla Apache / Chinese

On Eagles’ Wings Coordinator; Oklahoma State alum; Married for 3 ½ years + one beautiful little girl; Texas pro sports fan

Weston Francis


On Eagles’ Wings staff member; Indian Bible College alum; Yankees fan; loves cheesecake

Ron Hutchcraft
On Eagles’ Wings co-founder; National radio host; known as ‘Papa Hutch’ across Native America
Seth & Sarah Stevens


Staff members with Across Nations; Chaplains with Navajo Nation; Part of WLS Worship team; Married in 2019

Brad Hutchcraft
On Eagles’ Wings Director; worked with youth on Hopi reservation for 14 years; Married for 17 years + three amazing children; Yankees fan
Bobby Dean

Tonawanda Seneca

Pastor on his home reservation; On Eagles’ Wings advisor; Married for 45 years!; “Roll Tide” (he’s a ‘Bama fan)

Image by Luke Chesser
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Purple Smoke
Warrior Leadership Summit (WLS) is the place Native American groups come together to learn how to make a difference. Native American warriors like you. You are NOT alone. Young men and women, ready to stand together against life's struggles as God's army of hope for their people.
WLS is a Native American Discipleship Conference. It's a great place for young warriors who have an authentic desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. If you're a Native young person who has that desire, WLS is the place to be!
Every year WLS is growing, and we don't want you to miss out! We're looking forward to having you involved in these life changing few days. We are so excited for what God is going to do through this year's WLS! See you at Warrior Leadership Summit ONLINE!

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